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Inflatable Football Arena

Terms of Use


Once erected, the Inflatable Football Arena is approximately the size of a tennis court. It has a hard floor (not inflated), inflated sides and ends. It does not have a roof and is open to the elements. It creates a unique environment for Children to enjoy playing football. 

The Arena is not a ‘Bouncy Castle’ and is it meant to be climbed on nor used as a ‘Climbing Frame’.

Set Up and Maintenance

  • ESE has already carried out a risk assessment to determine a safe an suitable site for the erection of the Inflatable Football Arena
  • On the day, ESE representatives will determine if the weather conditions are suitable and it is safe to set up the Arena. The ESE Representative will be responsible for setting up and maintaining the Arena for the duration of the session.
  • If, for any reason, it is determined unsafe to set up the Arena, ESE will not provide a refund or recompense. Suitable alternative activities will be provided on the day.

Rules of Use

  • The Inflatable Football Arena is used for the purpose of playing football only. Any other activity is not permitted.
  • Climbing on the inflated sides or ends is not permitted
  • Bouncing on the sides or ends is not permitted
  • Purposely running into the sides or ends to ‘spring’ off is not permitted

ESE experienced Coaches will be on hand to supervise the sessions in the Arena. Any Child not abiding by these rules will be asked to leave the Arena as this may cause inquiry to themselves and or others.


We want the Children to have fun and a good time during the activities at Camp. However, safety of the children is our primary concern. By abiding by the above rules will create a safe environment for all the children to enjoy. However, we know that sometimes children’s exuberance gets the better of them and accidents happen. ESE Coaches are Health and Safety trained and procedures are in place to handle such an occurrence. Please ensure that the Contact Details and Emergency Contact details are up to date.


  • ESE £2 million pound public liability insurance is in place to cover accidents caused from sporting activities
  • ESE cannot accept any claims for inquiries caused through misuse of the Arena or not abiding by the rules stated above


  • Using the Arena is at the child’s own risk.
  • Parents/Guardians are required to confirm that they have read and understand the Terms of Use and give their permission for the child to participate in sessions in the Inflatable Football Arena.
  • The Parent/Guardian are required to confirm that the child does not have any medical conditions which might have the effect of making it more likely that they will be involved in an accident which could cause injury to themselves or others.
  • Consent is deemed to be given by:
    • Ticking the Inflatable Foot Ball Arena consent tick box on the Enrolment and Payment form on the ESE Website or
    • Signing a Consent form prior to the child participation
  • Without consent, the child will not be permitted to participate in any activities involving the Inflatable Football Arena

Permission & Waiver

  1. I, as the Child’s Parent or Guardian, wish for my child to participate in the Inflatable Football Arena Tournament organised by ESE Sports Coaching as one of the activities during the day at Football Camp.
  2. I have read and understand the Terms of Use published on the Website
  3. I confirm my child’s participation is at their own risk
  4. I confirm that the child does not have any medical conditions which could cause injury to themselves or others.
  5. I declare that if I am not the parent/guardian of the child that I have authority from the child’s parent or guardian to give permission & approve this waiver.
  6. In the unlikely event of loss, damage or injury arising from the miss-use of the Arena or not abiding by the rules stated in the Terms of Use or in connection with non-sporting activities arising from the use of the Inflatable Football Arena I understand ESE cannot be held liable. and waive all and any claims against the company.
  7. Without permission being granted by confirming acceptance of this waiver the child will not be allowed to enter the Inflatable Football Arena.