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ESE Gymnastics Camp

We give young children a fun experience in a safe and controlled environment.

The Camps are open to both Boys & Girls of all abilities and are designed to enhance skills and confidence.

ESE are proud to provide Gymnastic Camps for Children 5 – 12 years olds.

Camps will take place at Reigate Parish School from 13th February 2023 – 17th February 2023  at a cost of £28 per day or £120 for the full week

Example Day:

9:00 – 9.05 Registration.

9.05 – 9.20 Warm up

9.20 – 10.00 Strength – Time will be spent working a variety of skills such as headstands, handstands  levers with different progressions tailored to each ability

10.00– 10:15 – Break Time

10:15-11:15 – Tumbling & Rebound Work – Gymnasts will begin learning individual tumbling skills, for example cartwheels, round offs and front/back handsprings using different drills before attempting the full skills and linking together

11:15-12.00 – Flexibility – After a quick stretch the gymnasts will begin work on forward and backward walkovers by breaking the movements down and gradually working up to the full skill

12:00 – 12:45 – Lunch

12:45-1:15 – Balance – Gymnasts will have the opportunity to learn balance skills on floor such as one foot stands and Y balances then progress these skills onto the equipment such as the benches, floor beam and acrobatic blocks

1:15 – 2.00 – Acrobatics Routines & Performance – This is an opportunity for gymnasts to learn partner balances and lifts and incorporate these into their own routine

2.00 – 2:15 – Games – To finish off the day the gymnasts will enjoy a variety and skill based games before their cool down

2:15 – 2:30 – Cool Down & Awards

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Melissa Couzens - Head Gymnastics Coach

Melissa is a fully qualified British Gymnastics Coach and started her career as a competitive acrobatics gymnast before moving in to coaching and judging. She has a vast wealth of knowledge and experience within the sport and holds a level 2 qualification in acrobatics gymnastics and is currently completing the level 3 qualification.